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The Value Of The Internet And Its Evolution

The internet has undoubtedly had a huge effect on the lifestyle of millions of people. Trying to imagine a world without the internet is downright impossible, since by now we have acclimatized ourselves profusely to the benefits of this phenomenon. This is basically a network of networks, which manages to establish a link between computers standing hundreds of thousands of miles apart.

If one were to outline its origins, one would need to go back to the 1960s. In fact, at this time the American government was exerting huge efforts to develop a system which would allow the networking of different machines. These efforts culminated in the introduction of ARPANET, which may well be said to be the granddad of the internet.

Communication was naturally at the heart of the reasons as to why it was developed. The need to transfer information quickly and efficiently between different places has always been extremely important. Nowadays it is even more simple and straightforward to communicate with others online.

Electronic mail, referred to in short as email, is one of the most characteristic elements of this phenomenon. This system of communication renders it possible to send messages to anyone around the world, with no cost and in a matter of a fraction of a second. E-mails are the order of the day in our times, but they too have been somewhat superseded by even more advanced ways of communication.

While e-mails are certainly very useful, they lack an aspect of real-time response which is very much sought after nowadays. Thus, chatting software was also invented, providing one with the opportunity to chat to a person in real time. It is also possible to transmit a video call thanks to webcams, making it ever more accessible to stay in touch with the persons we love.

One cannot discuss the internet without mentioning its incredible usefulness as a source of information. Indeed it is playing a vital role in the education of millions of students around the world, both as regards supplying them with information about their area of study, as well as a tool for interaction with fellow students and educators.

The field of entertainment has also been revolutionized with the emergence of the internet. Various websites provide hours of fun to suit every taste, from online flash games to video libraries, from music providers to software downloads. Furthermore, video games have been given a whole new meaning since it is possible to play games online against other players.

Nowadays we can also use it to purchase whatever we fancy from online stores, and receive the item directly on our doorstep. This has quite frankly revolutionized the way one shops, since one has a multitude of options available now. It is possible to compare different websites for prices, read online reviews as well as benefit from online sales and promotions.

Living in a world in which the internet has firmly established itself is clearly a great advantage to all of us. We should all strive to make the most out of this incredible portal so that it may prove a useful tool throughout our lives.

September 24, 2016, 3:49:47 pm, America/Chicago